Shipping Policy

All products sold are digital and for that reason, there will be no shipping of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are 10am - 10pm MST (Phoenix Arizona Time) and we are closed on Tuesdays, and Thursdays (With the occasional Saturdays). Please check the Discord for more info.

Will the Pokemon I receive have a nickname?

No, the only Pokemon that are nicknamed the Shop's name are the ones given out in the Surprise Trade.

Can I use your Pokemon Online?

Yes, all my Pokemon are 100% legit and can be freely used online and offline.

Can I transfer the Pokemon to Pokemon Home?

Yes, as all my Pokemon are 100% legit, you can send them to Pokemon Home with no concerns or risks.

What level are the Pokemon I order?

By default the Pokemon will be level 100 unless requested otherwise. The requested level must be possible. Eggs will always hatch at level 1.

How do I evolve level 100 Pokemon?

You can evolve level 100 Pokemon by giving them a Rare Candy and it will trigger the evolution process.

Do you offer customizations to the Pokemon?

Yes, once an order has been placed, please send the Order Number to a PokeService Agent using the Live Chat function (button on the bottom right) and mention any changes you would like before the trade takes place.

What kind of format should I use for customization requests?

We suggest using the website to build your Pokemon there and to then press Export and send that information to the PokeService Agent before the trade takes place.

Do I need to trade something to get the Pokemon I ordered?

Yes, you can select any random Pokemon you no longer want in exchange for the ones that you have ordered.

How do I join the Discord community?

Here is a direct link to the Discord Server.

I joined the Discord community, how do I get the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon code?

You can type "Discount" in the General Chat to get the coupon code. The code is a 1 time use per customer.

I placed an order, what do I do now?

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email with a 4 or 5 digit Order Number (It may appear in the Spam folder). Please send that Order Number to a PokeService Agent using the Live Chat (Little button on the bottom right) of the main site. They will send you a Link Code to Link Trade.

Can I get the nickname of the Surprise Traded Pokémon changed?

The nickname cannot be changed and that is not a service we provide.

How do you trade items?

Items will be held by the Pokemon ordered. If there are more items than Pokemon ordered, they will be traded held by Delibirds.

Can I change the Trainer ID of the Pokemon?

No, you cannot request Trainer IDs as that requires hacking and I do not hack nor do I offer anything hacked. You can order Eggs which will hatch and have your Trainer ID at that point.

Do you offer touch/evolution trades?

Sorry, I do not offer touch trading and prefer that you don't send any Pokémon that trade from evolutions while we trade. Only send Pokémon that you don't mind losing.